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Need Christian study guide for Brave New World...

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You might also find the Sparknotes and Cliff's Notes on Brave New World helpful -- even thought the focus is secular, they have good summaries of each chapter, and then analysis of key ideas and re-occuring themes and motifs and how they are at work in each chapter.



Thanks for the tip. Anything is helpful. I struggle to have intellectual conversations with my teens when pregnancy muddles my brain.


Oh my! That's a big spread for you -- teens to pregnancy! Hope you "get your brain back" quickly once your new little one arrives! :)



You mentioned you were also reading Frank Peretti's This Present Darkness… I don't know of any guides for that one, but I do think this article on "Frank Peretti" by Biblical Discernment Ministries brings up some points for discussion about problems in Peretti's theology. And while this blog post is very short, it also has some very solid points about the book: "Seeking His Kingdom First: Musings on Peretti's This Present Darkness."


BEST of luck in your Literature discussions! Warmest regards, Lori D.


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Any suggestions?  We are also doing This Present Darkess. Usually we use Progeny Press, but they don't have these titles.

Did you find something that will work for you and yours?


Just tossing 2 extra suggestions (secular) here should there be others, like me :) , looking for study guide options too:

 enotes (paid subscription) or bookrags (free) may work also.

Depending on ones worldview, Amusing Ourselves to Death ~ Postman  compliments a study on  Brave New World ~ Huxley, and 1984 ~ Orwell.


ETA: Meant to pop in a link for a guide to the other book you were asking about; This Present Darkness ~ Peretti

Adding: we chose to study through Farenheit 451


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