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Girls ages teen, 7 and 10 gifts


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They don't want clothes or frilly whatever.


What are you getting girls these ages?

I have girls who are 10 and just turned 8.


The 8 year old is getting:

An Elsa Barbie

A harmonica

A hockey helmet for skating lessons


The 10 year old is getting:

A handmade polar bear she saw at a craft show.

Two pairs of earings

A gift certificate for the used book store.

Her other requests were fancy winter boots, and make-up.


I had gifts for a 19 year old and 13 year old.  I got the former a gift card for Sephora, and the latter a collection of writings by Fabre.

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I have a 10yo turning 11 right after Christmas. She likes reading, music, math, art, legos, and horses and that is about it. I got an acrylic paint by number of horses with a table top easel, the first of the Narnia DVD's, a new knitted hat, a fountain pen, and Harry Potter violin music. She is getting the legos she wanted a few days later for her birthday.

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American girl outfits and store set, justice spa set, water color book (not a kid one), American girl school set, gloves she liked, book light, her favourite story book. She is also getting a lego friends set and a manga drawing book from her brothers.


For my 8 year-old niece an our generation sleep over set for her doll.

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The 10 year old is getting a vintage Polly Pocket, a stuffed wolf, books, and probably a new game, but I'm not sure which.


The 12 year old is getting a stuffed fox, books, and some vintage clothes, as requested.


I'm going to try to swing skating lessons this year as well and call it a "Christmas" gift.

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I have a 7 and a 9 yr old.  They are getting:


7yo -- Harry Potter Legos, Harry Potter action figures, roller skates, books, Spirograph

9 yo -- Star Wars legos, Star Wars Rebels action figures, roller skates, books, magic kit


Both are sharing gifts of -- extra wooden block sets (castle sets), books, dvds, recorders and song books


Other things they've asked for and are getting from relatives:  winter jackets and a large "web swing" for their swing set 

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My 10 yo is getting:

a 4 hr. horseback riding clinic


a movie


art supplies

a stuffed animal


a cd of bluegrass gospel music

a board game

a dress-up costume


a puzzle



The physically small items are stocking stuffers.

Extended family are getting her clothes and renewing her Cricket subscription.

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My 7 year old is getting-

From my sister-Slingshot and pogo stick

From my dad-sleeping bag, lantern, and tent (combo gift for all three kids)

From my mom-bracelet making kit, skate shoes

From dh and I-Harry potter hardback book and homemade potions kit, art set, crystal growing kit, duct tape crafting kit, board game


My 10 year old did-

From my sister-knife and book set

From my dad-sleeping bag, lantern, tent

From my mom-leatherman, skate shoes

From us-sculpey clay set, leather bound A Wrinkle in Time, tinkering kit (basically a bunch of raw/recyclables and some tools, geode kit, duct tape crafting kit, board game


Both will share a Brock Magiscope and slide kit from us.

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Under Armour sweatshirt (athletic, not frilly)


Remote Control car (one for her and one for a friend)

New scooter (Adult size/Larger weight allowance)

New copy of her favorite DVD that stopped working

WiiU 2016 Dance Dance

Doll items

From her sister-bubble bath items

From G-ma a girl theme set of Legos

Drawing pad

64g memory card for her tablet.







Clothes-Victorias Secret/Pink/Hollister/American Eagle

Drawing pens and pad

Fun sticky notes


VS Robe


Buffalo Wild Wings GC


Tiny Diamond, white gold earrings for her upper holes





Blueray player

Power strip with USB

Anime movies (he collect them)



It may look like a lot, but it is well under $300 each, due to sale shopping.

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My 13 yo is getting some jewelry making supplies, a Dr. Who journal, pjs, moccasins, and a Schleich dragon.


8yo (soon to be 9) is getting a couple of kid's sewing kits (one has felt & basic supplies and the other is a plush ladybug kit), pjs, slipper socks, a Schleich dragon figure, and an origaimi-a-day calendar.


6yo is getting a cash register, felt grocery store set (I'm making from an Etsy pattern), Pokemon t-shirt, a Schleich dragon figure, and pjs.


For family gifts, we picked up some Raversburger board games and 2 of the new, cheaper Kindle Fires.   I ordered everything from Amazon except for the clothes.  

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My 15 yo is getting t-shirts from Hot Topic and Tee Fury (the last if they ever ship--ordered at Thanksgiving and not shipped yet!!) related to her favorite bands (Panic at the Disco!) and fandoms (Marvel, Supernatural), amigurumi Capt America and Bucky Barnes (I'm making from patterns on Ravelry), itunes card, Funko Pop Capt America and Jack Skellington keychains, Kimmi kokeshi keychain, set of Supernatural socks from HT. To finish out, I'll be getting candy and food for stocking and maybe a set of soft rollers to replace the rag rollers we've used to give her a 40's-inspired hairstyle when she wants to dress up.


For her birthday this summer, she got an asst of Marvel movies we'd found at Goodwill over several months, lots of funky socks, itunes, and a new laptop as hers died. We also recently got her handwraps and boxing gloves for kickboxing, which would have been good gifts if we could have waited, and a 1940s-style dress and shoes (she loves the era). 


We've done books (had her make an Amazon wish list), a shopping trip to the local teen/young adult consignment store, hiking/camping gear, gift cards to favorite stores like Hot Topic or used bookstore, games (Uno is a favorite and easily portable for Girl Scout camping trips), etc.


So, some clothes but maybe ideas from some of the other things. What are your teen's interests?

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