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Bar Mitzvah


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My kids have been invited to watch their friend as a Bar Mitzvah for the first time. It begins at 10 and the invite states that Oneg and lunch will follow. There is a dinner celebration starting at 5:30. 


Total ignorance here as having never attended before. Attire for the synagogue? Will yarmulkes be requested/required and if so are they provided or do I buy them?



The dinner is at a different location. Change of clothing or same?


Gift suggestions?


Also please tell me anything we need to know as far as customs, expectations, and proper behavior in the synagogue (besides the obvious like no cell phones, no talking, etc).



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If the synagogue is consevative or Orthodox a yarmulke will be required and provided to you. Reform is optional.

Dress for woman: dress, skirt, shoulders covered.

Men: suit and tie, dress slacks,blazer, tie.

Behavior in synagogue in addition to the obvious -no writing. No crayons, pens, pencils.


Attire for dinner: it is usually on the invite but if not location is a clue sometimes. Catering hall-party clothes.. Cocktail dress.


Gift: usually cash or check in multiple of 18. Friends will sometimes also give a book or gift card.

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