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DVD suggestions, please.


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We'll be spend around 30 hours in our vehicle in the next month. We have quite the selection of Disney movies, but I'd like to throw some educational stuff in the mix as well.


Kids are 4 year old twins (working on phonics and beginning reading) and a 5, almost 6, year old (technically K, but working at a 2nd grade level in reading and math). I can play two different DVDs.


I was leaning more towards social studies or geography for the 6 year old, as his normal screen time is science heavy (Popular Mechanics Kids, Wild About Animals). I'm thinking Liberty Kids?


For the twins, maybe more early math or phonics DVDs?

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Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego!!

Second this! We just got the 40 episode DVDs for $ 7-8 on Amazon. I never watched as a kid but in one episode they mentioned three countries and cities, and three artists and masterpieces. It's somewhat dated but I'm surprised how educational it is. It's "spy" themed.


Eta - ok you got it already. It's pretty good :)

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All our kids (4-12) love Carmen Sandiego and they like Liberty's Kids, too. But Liberty's Kids is more interesting to my older crowd. And you can't beat the value!


Here Come the 123s by They Might Be Giants has a DVD with it. I can't remember if the ABC one also has video.


My kids like the heroes series by nest entertainment. Short animated movies about famous people like Florence Nightingale, Thomas Edison, and Joan of Arc, with a focus on character development. They're pricey, though. Perhaps better for in town trips when you can borrow them from the library.

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Might want to check and see if the Carmen Sandiego videos work. They wouldn't work in my blu-ray player in  my house but did work in the DVD player. Not sure what you have in your car.


Otherwise, Horrible Histories??


We also liked Liberty's Kids and I own Carmen Sandiego and Imagineering.

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