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Quick! Help with a gift for a 17 yr old girl?


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I need a $10 - $15 gift for a 17 year old girl, senior in high school.  I don't know anything about her.  At all.  From seeing her, she's fashion-conscious, but that's all I've got to go on.


Have to order it today.  Amazon prime would be a bonus, since paying for shipping would eat into the amount I want to spend.


Any ideas?

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Hair bling.  Head bands, clips, bobby pins with rhinestones.  There is tons of cool stuff.


ETA:  I don't know a single girl who doesn't wear stuff in her hair once in a while, and the girls I know are mostly athletes.  Even the swimmers put stuff in their (wet) hair occasionally.

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Here are a few things I could imagine buying for my dd17


hat and gloves, something that works with a smart phone, scarf




boot socks


gift card to chipotle


an easy cookbook and a few kitchen tools for using next year at college


blingy necklace


there was a recent thread about lipstick - I'm planning to get my dd 3 of those from Ulta


a good bag, not a purse, but something she could use for going to the gym or library or - like a simple duffle or shoulder bag


a wallet


one of those credit card emergency tools and an emergency whistle and a flashlight - safety for when she's away from home


ice scraper for her car (my dd needs one, not sure where last year's went)


fancy lotion/ body gel  - my dd loves victoria secret


a nice waterbottle - I was going to get my dd one of those metal ones, but she got one from her ortho last week.


Good luck!!







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