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Looking for a multivitamin to help me feel like my old self


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I have been dealing with episodes of pretty bad fatigue for the past 9 months.  All blood tests are normal except my Vitamin D is low.  I am making some lifestyle changes (I am feeling really burned out!) and I'd like to see if switching my multivitamin will help.  Right now, I take a One-A-Day, a calcium supplement, and a vitamin D supplement (My total Vitamin D through vitamins is about 2500 IUs--I'd like to go higher but I'm cautious because I'm still nursing my almost 2 year old).  Anyone have a great vitamin they'd recommend??

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I consider one-a-day average at best.


I look very strongly at the molecular form of the vitamins they contain.  you want the most bioavilable.  your body will get more of the vitamin, and less of it will be wasted due to conversion into the form your body can use.  if you have trouble absorbing vit d3 (most are d3, and that's what you want), consider drops.  they are more absorbable.


I used to take an average multi.  then I switched to emerald laboratories. I felt the difference.


if you've been under alot of stress, or dont' eat enough veggies, or have a mthf mutation - you need more b--vitamins.  and especially with the mthf, you need to pay particular attention to the forms. again, I really like the emerald laboratories b-healthy - and noticed an improvement after taking 2x's an average quality b-complex for years.

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