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Can I just send this money back (Paypal)?


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I went into my paypal account for the first time in months yesterday.  I usually only use paypal when I need to buy something weirdly specific on ebay, and that hasn't happened in like 2 years.  


Anyway, instead of the zero dollar balance I expected, I found $60 sitting in my account with a note from about six weeks ago that it's for two wool vests.  Obviously this is a mistake because I've never owned one wool vest, much less sold two, and I've never sold anything on ebay.


I had this happen before, but that time I saw the email and disputed the payment, which turned into this weird thing where ebay kept asking for more info, like I might be lying about wanting to give someone money.  I'd rather not go through that again.  Can I just hit "refund" and write a note saying "sorry, wrong person"? 

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