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Medicare Prescription Drug Plans


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Any chance anyone has experience with this? I have to sign up for a relative, because his retiree insurance was dropped.


There are lots of choices at our zipcode with widely varying costs.  I can put in his current prescriptions, but that seems like a poor way to choose since it could change during the year.  


For those of you out there caring for the elderly, are there plans you love or hate?


I see plans by:






BlueCross BlueShield




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You may get drugs from an out-of-network pharmacy and pay the same as an in-network pharmacy, but you will get less of the drug.

That's a weird feature?!?  So I can pay the same and just take my meds only 20 days that month?  How does someone 85yo ever figure this stuff out for themselves?

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Humana Gold.  


My dh is pretty happy with them for his mom. It can be a problem if there are out-of-state issues, at least on the plan we have.  Emergency care is available, but not regular care.  


He suggested you go to an insurance broker and get the low-down and recommendations for your situation.  He said it can get pretty complicated.  


I don't know what plan MY mom is on, but she doesn't like it very much.  


Check out which plan has the broadest spectrum of care providers...that can be an issue.  And also what extended care options you will have, because one plan can differ from another in a big way in the same scenario...  My MIL broke one leg on one plan and the other leg on another plan and the costs were pretty different for the re-hab.  


Check out co-pays and put that in the balance.  


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We moved my mom to my city 16 months ago.  At that time we changed her Medicare from her state to my state.  I called Medicare and gave them a list of her meds.  They said based on her (fairly long) list of meds, her best bet was to go with Humana.  We have been very happy with them, we get her meds through their mail service and haven't paid a dime copay on any of them.


I remember I spent a long time on hold with Medicare (it is the government after all) but once I got through to a live person, it went very quickly.

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