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Looking for a truly soft lead pencil

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My 9 yr old daughter really struggles with handwriting. I am searching for soft lead pencils (no.1) for her because supposedly they should be darker with less pressure needed.  The only "extra soft lead" I can find is on Amazon--the Ticonderoga, but they get very mixed reviews with many people saying they can't tell the difference between them and a no. 2 lead pencil.  Any recommendations? Or other suggestions to minimize hand fatigue? Sometimes I let her use a pen, but she likes to be able to erase.

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My daughter discovered that she prefers writing with drawing pencils because she likes a softer lead. I can't recall which one she settled on, but you'd have a lot more success trying to find a softer lead with drawing pencils. At places like Michaels or an arts store, you can buy them individually and sometimes even test them out so you can find the right hardness. 

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I have used these:  http://www.amazon.com/Palomino-Blackwing-Pencils-12-Count/dp/B006CQWILK/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1449868899&sr=8-1&keywords=blackwings+pencil


There is a long-point sharpener that works really well with them, but it's $$$.  You don't NEEEED it.  :0)  


Myself, I just go to the office supply or art store and get .5mm lead refills for my mechanical pencil.  I get the softest lead they sell.  It's a lot easier to see on crossword puzzles and the soft lead doesn't rip the cheap paper and is easy to erase.  


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My son was experiencing pencil frustration. We switched to Pentel Twist-Erase III mechanical pencil, 0.9mm. He loved the weight and feel of this pencil, but the lead was too hard, driving him crazy.


I threw out the lead that came with it and replaced it with Pentel 2B 0.9mm lead. This is the softest lead I could find in 0.9mm.


This combination was a winner, the lead writes smooth and dark, rarely brakes, and the pencil has a terrific twist up eraser 😄.








Good luck!

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