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So, we're at a movie night at church tonight and I'm talking with a male friend

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and my dh. I have my hands in my back pocket and flip my wrist to kinda loop my thumbs in the pockets when all of a sudden, to my deep horror, I hear a ripping sound.


Yes, I completely tore the back of my pocket off the jeans, thereby revealing my patoot in all its glorious glory.


I wanted to disappear. The rip was so loud that both guys said, "What was that???"


My 9yodd, however, found this to be hilarious. My husband did not. :p

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That is a very funny story, of course, but your gratuitous use of the word "patoot" nearly knocked me off the couch :o My own DH would have been so overcome with hysterical laughter that he would have been no help to me at all.


I'm sorry you were embarrassed, though! (On a somewhat related note, is it a coincidence that the word "embarrassed" sounds a lot like "bare-a**ed"?) I hope it was at least near the END of movie night, so that you could make a hasty exit!

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That has happened to me before, it seems that those of us that like to hang hands/thumbs/fingers off our back pockets increase the chance of ripping said pockets. . .that's actually happened to me twice. . .in public. . .I learned to stop doing that, it really wasn't hard b/c the memory of the ripping stopped me everytime I went to do it.

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