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AOPS pre-algebra additional worksheets? Alcumus?

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I searched and read some posts, but did not find the answer.


We finished Singapore with 6B, and now reviewing pre-algebra before jumping into algebra. While I love the Art of Problem Solving, I feel like the book does not have enough exercises to work on. I would like to have more worksheets to solidify whatever we are repeating/learning. What do you guys use for it? Did you sign up for AOPS online Alcumus? Did you sign up your kids and yourself as a teacher? Was it helpful in terms of having more worksheets to work on?


Any tips would be appreciated as I am loving the curriculum and thinking to use AOPS for Algebra as well (or Jacobs algebra..we shall see)

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Some kids just do not need the repetition provided by other math books. Sometimes two or three difficult problems is better than 10-20 identical plug-and-chug problems.


I'd hunt down worksheets or use problems from other books if you come to a section that your child just does not understand. I had to do that once or twice for dd (she has AoPS calculus right now).


Dd did use alcumus for prealgebra, algebra, and geometry. She had to use geometry when she took their online class. She used prealgebra and algebra as review/refreshers before math competitions when she was younger.




I forgot to say that alcumus problems are just like those in the book, not like a worksheet of identical-ish problems. If you get an easy problem correct for a particular concept, then you'll be given a much more difficult one. Get that correct and you'll be given hard problems until you pass/master that concept (you'll see a progress bar). When you get a problem incorrect, you'll be given problems that are (usually) a step back in difficulty.


Alcumus really is a valuable tool in the AoPS way of math :). I just wish it continued for calculus!

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In the first few months, we used MEP Secondary to supplement AoPS Pre-algebra.


Now - Alcumus is used daily.  DD12 fell in love with Alcumus after she realized there were streaks and levels and quests!


The use of Alcumus has changed her attitude and accuracy and determination in working hard at math.


The videos are fabulous, too.


Best wishes.

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Just had to come back to say Alcumus is so amazing! I love how it works, and if you get the answer right or wrong (i think you are allowed to be wrong twice), you still get to see how they solved the problem with detailed explanation.

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