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AoPS Pre-algebra - chapter 5


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Yes. For at least one of my kids, that was where we did a few lessons in Dolciani and then came back to Aops. It was definitely similar in challenge level to ch 2 for them. I really love the big picture approach in this chapter even though some may need a little more detailed practice with the mechanics. Use the videos here! Wipe out the denominators, LOL.


After this chapter, expect relatively smooth sailing :)

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My DS just finished chapter 5 this week after about 3 weeks, which seems right on pace with the online class.  Chapter 2 was a nightmare for him and took a week longer than the online class paced for it (3 weeks instead of 2).  We also had to spend a few extra days on Fractions (about 5 weeks instead of the 4 planned).  Hopefully the rest of the year is smooth sailing as others have reported.


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