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Can you freeze a fully cooked potato gratin?


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It is a favorite family dish which does not get made often in my house because of the long wait cycle (prepping, baking, cooling etc) to get it on the dinner table. I am wondering if I can make a lot of it (in 2 or 3 pyrex dishes) and freeze the cooked gratin and reheat and serve? Is this a possibility? Will the texture hold up when frozen? Any BTDT tips? TIA!

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It won't be the same, but you can do it.


The cheese may separate a bit, so you will have to stir the potatoes.  It won't look pretty but it should be ok.


The more starchy the potato, the grainier they will be.  Use a Yukon gold or red potato if possible. 


I would make a small batch first and try it.  You might have to tweek the moisture content a bit to get a good consistency.



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