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Does your child know how to outline? WWS will help with that leading into writing 3-5 paragraphs that are cohesive. My 12 yo has benefited greatly by doing history the old fashioned WTM way, outlining sections of Kingfisher, and writing a 3-5 paragraph paper from that. My 10 yo is using WWE and I agree with the opinion that it would be too easy.

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We never did WWE, but my 6th grader was able to tackle WWS this year with just "ok" paragraph writing skills. We did Treasured Conversations last year, which was a great preparation. It took my DD from really not being able to write a paragraph with a topic sentence at all, to having basic paragraph skills. She is getting a lot more practice with WWS this year. If you try WWS and it seems too hard, TC might be a good fit, and with a 6th grader you should be able to modify/accelerate it enough to get through it in well less than a year.

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