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Found a lost dog - What else can I do? -- Update in post #8

Jenny in Florida

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I found a dog wandering the neighborhood earlier today. I followed him for a bit in my car, which I've found usually encourages wanderers to head for home, but he seemed to be enjoying his liberty and in no hurry to go anywhere. He's not wearing a collar.


When he paused for a bit in a couple of adjoining front yards, I tried knocking on doors to see if anyone recognized him. No one did, but I lucked out and found a lovely woman who is also a dog lover and who offered to hold onto him until we find his family. (My own dog is insane and would have apoplexy if I brought home another beastie.)


So far, we have:

  • Posted on Craigs List and two Facebook groups for lost and found pets.
  • Posted on the lost and found pets site sponsored by our county animal shelter.
  • Taken the dog to a local vet to scan for a microchip (with no luck).
  • Accepted the vet's offer to post a photo on their Facebook page.
  • Made flyers and posted them in the neighborhood and at the vet's office.

The other mom is on her way out to post some more flyers in local stores.


What am I missing?


He's such a sweet boy. He hopped up in my car for the ride to the vet without an issue and sat quietly in the back seat there and back. I've yet to hear him bark. He will sit and stay for treats. He seems to be healthy and cared for and is very well behaved. I'm sure someone is missing him.



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Update: He's found his home!


I had touched base with the woman who was keeping him this evening when neither of us had heard anything from anyone yet. We agreed that she would take him out for a walk tomorrow morning and see if he might lead her in any identifiable direction and that I would call all of the vets in the area to see if they had heard from a client about a missing dog or if the description and/or photo was familiar. I specifically mentioned the next closest vet and said I would call them first and work my way out from there.


About an hour later, she called to let me know that, since it was a nice evening, she and her husband had decided to take the dog out for a walk. At the end of their block, they ran into someone who recognized the dog and led them to his owner. It turns out that he had gotten out through a hole in their fence.


The funny thing is that, during the conversation, the owner mentioned that her vet is the very one that was first on my to-call list for the morning.


Anyway, he's back where he belongs, thank goodness!

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