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Kudos to FedEx Home Delivery (PA to Miami, FL)


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Their tracking shows that they picked up the carton with a Used Laptop I won on eBay, from the seller, in Hughesville PA,  Monday at 245 P.M.

Their tracking shows that they delivered it to our Receiver/Forwarder, in Miami FL, this afternoon (Wednesday) at 1235 Noon. Less than 46 hours later.


I won the auction, after raising my maximum bid $4.50, about 14 minutes before the end of the auction (my Snipe was submitted 15 seconds before the auction ended).  The next highest bidder was $1.68 lower than my maximum bid.


As soon as our Receiver/Forwarder has it in their system for us, I will send them the Dispatch Request, so they can prepare it for shipment to our house in Colombia.


FedEx and all of the carriers sometimes screw up, horribly, but one must give credit to them, when they do such an outstanding job.  When the transaction was completed, it showed that it should be delivered by Monday the 14th or before. Today is the 9th


The laptop I won from them on September 10th was for my wife. This one is for me...

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