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help....a Christmas Tree accident


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right after we put our tree up and filled the base with water, the tree proceeded to fall over, spilling all of the water onto our carpet.  


I grabbed towels and tried to sop up as much water as I can...then I took paper towels and did the same.  But it was still damp.  So I let it go over night...we were gone all the next day and I didn't think about checking to see if the carpet was dry before we left.  When we came home I went to check the carpet, it was still damp and it was starting to stink.  


Right now I have fans running to dry the carpet out.  I am thinking if I put some baking powder on the carpet after its dry, let it sit for a bit, then I can vacuum it up....will that help???  Or do you all have another idea?



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Do this: get several towels that don't mean a whole lot to you, place them over the damp area, and weigh them down with stuff you have, i.e., heavy books, a piece of foamboard with exercise weighs on it - anything flat that can compress the carpet a bit. Leave it for several hours. The water is drawn up by capillary action.


Caveat: I haven't tried this over a large area, so I don't know.

Caveat II: i haven't tried this after the fact before.

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<--- Flooring store owner


This is wall to wall carpet, right? If so, you have to pull the carpet off of the tack strip in that area of the room.  You don't need to remove the whole carpet, just a few feet beyond the corner where it is wet.  Fold it so that the padding is up, and there is air space between the carpet and the pad.  Your priority isn't drying the carpet fibers (which usually dry fairly quickly), but the backing, wood, and padding beneath.  Keep the fans on it.  If you can find a high velocity air mover, that would be even better.  If you see any mold on the wood floor, carefully bleach it immediately.  If there is mold on the pad, cut it out and discard it - pad is easy to replace.  If the carpet itself is moldy, you will probably want to replace it, but you can try bleaching/lysol-ing it and hope for the best.  


Don't be surprised if you see lots of what looks like mud underneath your carpet - that is just wet dust that settled below the carpet.  Suck it up with at shop-vac, not your household vac. 


You can re-stretch the carpet back onto the tack strip after it is dry.  


Sadly, we have seen a lot of people try to dry their carpet from the top, and end up having to replace the entire room rather than just borrow a knee-kicker.  I know it sounds like a lot of work, but you really don't want to have a smelly moldy room.  


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