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Winterpromise Animals and their Worlds for older students?

Laura W.

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I am thinking of using Animals and their Worlds next year.  I will have a K'er, 4th grader, and twins in 7th grade (one of the twins has LDs, and is working about 12-18 months below grade level, and both of them love animals).  Winterpromise has on their website that Animals and their Worlds can be used as a full program for preK-4th grade or as a science program for 3rd-6th grade, so I am thinking of combining everyone and using it as a full program for the two younger ones, and as a science program for my twins. 


The two main spines are recommended for up through grades 8/9, which is why I think it might stretch to 7th grade.  I can also add in other animal literature appropriate for older elementary/junior high.  But I would like to hear others' experiences.   Has anyone here used it as a science program for their upper elementary child, and how did it work out?  Did you supplement it in any way?  If so, how?


Thank you for any responses.







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I used WP Animals several years ago with then 1st and 3rd graders.  It was a really fun program and we enjoyed it.  I could see using it up to 4th grade, but it is far to elementary for anything beyond that.  You would have to completely write your own program for it to be anywhere near middle school level.  I am sure that you could do that though, if you have the time and inclination. 

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