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Is this a legit email?



Reminder: Your Google Drive bonus storage is expiring very soon.


We wanted to remind you that you have bonus Google Drive storage expiring on Dec 10 2015. You should consider purchasing additional storage as you will be over your available storage limit after this bonus storage expires. Not upgrading your storage plan or freeing up space in Drive can adversely affect your use of Drive, Gmail, Inbox, and Google Photos. 

If you use Gmail or Inbox, you will not be able to send or receive emails. 

If you use Google Drive, your files will remain safe and accessible by you and the people you’ve shared them with. You just won’t be able to add or sync any files.

If you use Google Photos, that service could also be affected depending on your Photos settings

The bonus storage offer that’s expiring is:
Motorola promotion - 50G

The offer will expire on:
Dec 10 2015

Please visit the help center for more details and thank you for using Google Drive.


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Google does have a storage limit, but I don't know how much it is. I also.know that you can indeed buy additional storage.


If you never DELETE emails, you could have amassed a lot of data that's being stored on their servers.


I might not click on the links in that email, but if you log onto your Gmail account (on a computer?), it'll list on the left side bar how much storage you used our of how much available. I'd imagine there would be a link near there if you're at risk of going over - or perhaps somewhere else on your account page.



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Thanks guys.


I did buy a Motorola product in Dec. of 2013.  That makes sense.


So, if I do nothing, does everything on the drive go away?


How can I move the stuff off the drive and on to the computer?


I can't believe that every video I have downloaded somehow was saved there and not on my hard drive.  UGH

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Nothing will go away, but nothing will be added - including no new emails according to the notice you quoted.


I don't know about videos, but in Google Drive, you can click (or hoover?) in a file and it will give you the option to download it to your computer. To get it off Drive, you then need to delete it, which is also a file option.


I would download what you want to your computer, double check that the file works, then delete it from Drive. And then back it up somewhere else if you can, like an external hard drive or a free storage site.

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