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Can I have 2 minutes of your time?


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If you have a moment, would you fill out this form with some bogus/silly information?


I'm trying to test if the database on the server is set-up correctly to save information from web-users.

But my connection is so slow and my computer keeps crashing, and just configuring everything is taking forever.


Pretend you are reporting a problem with an app. You can be serious or goofy. I just need to see if the server is saving the data that people put into the form.



Thanks so much if you are able to do it.

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I just got forms filled out by cool people such as Rere McStinky, Tweety Bird, Peter Pan, Dorka Borka and Ola Lola!


Thank you to all of you. Today is definitely an "I need to smile" type of day and you ladies have just relieved several degrees of stress. Several.

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I did it and I got a pop up telling me you'd get back on it but I didn't go back to a main page or anything.



Thanks a lot Tsuga!


BTW: The links for the site don't work yet. I have only published the pages that need back-end support so that I can focus on getting the forms linked to, and feeding into the database properly.


Thank you for your help! Earlier I was not properly capturing occupations or the bugs themselves. Now, everything seems to be working properly though.

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