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Who's going to tackle Saturday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Weekly planning - plugging everything into calendar for the week I put up on the fridge for all to see - done

Meal planning - done

Clean out fridge and kitchen pantry (we've got those darn meal moths again!!!  Argh!  I can never get rid of them completely!)

Food shopping and shopping for Giving Tree and for nephew's squadron in Afghanistan - gifts go out 12/10.

Recycling - task for dh

Both teens should work on history some today

Confession @ 4


16 yo goes to youth event

14 yo is seeing high school play with friend.


I made this way too detailed.  LOL.  I was thinking as I wrote. . .

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Good morning
- study for exams- doing it in bits
- school work- did first attempt at statistics practice final
- dishes- in dishwasher
- fold laundry- all done
- tidy house- round 1 done
- dinner- done
- pack dd1 up for sleep over at a friends house- friend and her dad are sick :(
- baths- not needed
- bedtime routine
- anything else I get done- took a nap with dd2

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Today we are cleaning the house in anticipation for St. Nicholas day,. Tomorrow the kids stockings will be filled with toys and books, we'll buy our tree, decorate the tree, and just have fun as a family at home! So today the kids and i will be cleaning in 15 minute burst until it's done. Dh works until 5.


- clean downstairs

- clean bedrooms

- dh clean bathrooms

- pet sit

- get dinner done by 6

- stuff stocking once kids are asleep

- read for an hour

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Good afternoon!


I've been at my nephew's since Thursday. I'm keeping him while my sister has a weekend away with some friends. I'm staying here until I get dd from school on Tuesday.



meds for nephew

breakfast and lunch

another Amazon order (doing a lot of this right now)

graded some of ds' school work


To Do:


grade some writing papers from co-op

watch Anne of Green Gables part 2 (making ds get some culture and watch it with me)

afternoon meds


play some games and read with nephew

night meds


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I've been working on health insurance stuff all morning.  I've done all I can on my own.  Only the customer service is closed on the weekends.  Double bah.  Because like any working person it is easier to call and do personal business on the weekends.  Oh well, I'm closer to making a decision than I was before so that counts for something.

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Today I


--made cranberry bread with a new dairy-free recipe (dd: needs more orange)

--did laundry

--took dd to Nut rehearsal

--bought fish for dinner

--went to concert with dh and ran into an old friend from high school and his parents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

--picked up dd from rehearsal

--made dinner

--had a drink :D


I think I will cap off the day with a library book on my Kindle :)

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