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Favorite board game(s)?


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We love King of Tokyo, Ticket to Ride, Blokus, and Phase 10 especially, but would like to add some new ones.     The age range in our family is 10 and up.     


I want to hear from you all!


What  is / are your family's favorite board game(s), and why?       For which age range is it recommended?  





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Are there four or more in your family?  If so, I'd recommend our favorite board game which is Wise and Otherwise.


One person serves as reader and the other players write the endings to obscure sayings.  The reader writes the actual ending to the saying and then reads aloud all the options.  Players gain points when their ending is voted for.  The reader gains points if no one votes for the correct ending.


A prompt might be something such as: There's an Old Dutch saying.  "In the land of blind men, ...."  Highlight to see correct answer here: One Eye is king.


Why do I like it?  It can lead to much laughter.



I really like Clue The Classic Edition


Why?  It's a thinking game.



Another fun game (not a board game) is Fluxx 5.0 Card Game in which the rules constantly change.  There are variations such as   Monty Python Fluxx,    Zombie Fluxx and  Pirate Fluxx


Why?  This one is just fun.



Other non-board games that we enjoy include:


Set (fun for one, two, or more)


Why?  It's thinking with symbols.


Bananagrams  (Also Bananagrams has versions available for different language such as Spanish, French, Hebrew ...)


Why?  It's thinking but with words.




Why?  Another thinking game with symbols.





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My kids are 11 and 8 and our most frequent played game is Wits and Wagers Family Edition. This is a game that my 8 year old and adults can enjoy, it is pretty quick, and it's easy, so others can join in with little instruction. I would love to find other games that are similar that both of my kids would enjoy!

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Our current favorite game is Camel Up.  The fact that it's a betting game makes it a good mix of strategy and luck. That's important for us to make it interesting to both adults and kids:  too much luck and its boring for adults, all strategy makes it difficult for kids to have a chance to win.  This game is perfect.  It also has a really nice board and components and fun mechanics of play.  Also it plays relatively quick - about 20 minutes for 3 of us though you can keep going with different rounds of racing if you want.  It was 2014 German Game of the Year.  

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