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I ordered some gifts for a grandaughter.  I realized they are not age appropiate ( regular legos) and another item was damaged.

So I have a reciept to return them.

I now have reordered a more expensive item and want to return the 3rd item that was in that shipment.  Can I just mail all three of them in the same box.  If I get a request for the 3rd item, shipping will cost me extra.  

Call them and explain and get a new shipping lable or just stick the extra item in the box I already am returning?



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you have to have a return slip.  if you don't include a return slip for each item - they won't know what to do with it. 

if when you go to print the return label - click on customer pays postage (instead of them deducting postage from your refund), you could probably put it in the box with the damaged items. (for which they should be paying postage.)


eta: when I had a complex return last spring - I called.  I guess I never noticed as I only NOW have received notice of the refund . . . (I said it was complex . . . . )  the customer service rep was great.

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