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Strategy Games 40% Off On Amazon - Recommendations?

Magnolia Rain

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Illuminati is a great game.  Everyone has a different goal, and the first person that meets there goal wins.  First time I played I was the ... probably the banker.  My goal was get a certain amount of money.  I found myself compulsively counting my money like scrooge.   It also has amusing suggested house rules.  I remember vetoing the one that says that people can mess with the game board when someone is in the restroom on the grounds that I have a small bladder.  The cards are amusing.  They have certain powers. I seem to remember one called "NFL Wives"   I think there is one called "Kudzu", or maybe ":Kudzu eaters". 


Fluxx is cool too.   The goal is constantly changing because people lay the goal cards down, so they keep changing


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