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Prayers needed immediately for our dog too!


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Our 12 year old female yellow lab, Jordan, just all of a sudden can not move/stand.  She was fine yesterday and today she can barely walk or stand!  I'm taking her to the vet Wednesday.


Please keep her in your prayers.  Along with dd who is in a 72 hr. eeg.


Recently I posted of the trials we've had that are overwhelming.  Now my dog girl is not doing well.    Thanks!

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Thanks, everyone!  Jordan is not her usual self but today, Wednesday, she is able to stand and walk.  She's getting around more slowly but she is getting around.  Since she is stable, I need to get through my dd's 72 hr. eeg.  If Jordan deteriorates, I'll take her to the vet immediately.  As it is now, she appears stable.  Once dd is finished with her eeg and I take a breath, I'll take Jordan in to vet by this weekend or early next week.  Thank you all.


Really, I do want to sincerely say thank you.  You truly don't know (well, you probably do) how even 1 prayer helps.  And, 1 or more prayers offered by 1 or people just helps.  So, thanks to each one. I don't have time right now to thank each personally.  The hugs are appreciated as well.  Very welcomed! :)

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