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give me some ideas fpr class holiday party for 4th grade


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Just food ideas or games?


We used to do candy cane wrap up relay. Wrap one volunteer from each team in a cou rolls of TP, then a roll of red streamer.

Christmas carol charades are good.

Candy cane pick up is good too. Where they use one in their mouth to pick up a wrapped one out of a basket, give that to the next person, who does the the same.


Food in the am: muffins rather than cookies or cupcakes, fruit and yogurt are great. Will they still have lunch or is the party the wrap up fpr a half-day?

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4th grade teacher here - 
Since it's a morning party, I'm assuming it's a half day? If it's a whole day, I'd limit the sugar and do fruits, yogurts, muffins/donuts. If it's a half day, anything goes. lol 

The Christmas parties at my school are kind of considered the teacher's gift to the students, so it's all on our shoulders. So, here's what I've done in the past.

donuts/juice/milk party while watching a movie (great for morning parties)
cookies and hot chocolate while watching The Polar Express 
regular treats (chips, pretzels, fruit, cupcakes, juice boxes) and doing crafts

Crafts we've done: 
decorating ice cream cone Christmas trees
reindeer ornaments  (I used rolled brown paper strips instead of paint)
Reindeer ornaments from Oriental Trading

These are the two main crafts we've done year after year. The kids always love them. 
The one from Oriental Trading is new this year. I don't have time to get all the supplies for the others and this will come prepackaged! 

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Former room mom....we do a whole grade party for 4th....each classroom is a station. One room is a quiet room for people who need downtime, an aide sticks with them. Food, holiday story, game, craft. The children randomly draw a card with a holiday symbol which tells them what group they rotate with. Games: uno, jenga, holiday go fish, dreidl....they pick when they come in and go play and chat. Food: for morning we would do bagels and fruit with a holiday sweet...pretzel dipped in frosting with holiday sprinkles is popular as are cupcakes and minidonut reindeer. Quarter the bagels, offer some without cream cheese. Water is the beverage of choice. Craft: ornament, fast finishers make holiday cards for shut ins. Goodie Bag: holiday pencil, etc. Classrrom teacher has cards for staff, they are signed before and after.

I like the bagel idea! I think I'm going to steal that for my kids this year. :) 

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