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Math: SAT reasoning versus SAT subject

cave canem

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My student has very lopsided scores:  CR and W in the 99th percentile and math hundreds of points lower.  Repeating the test has not helped.

She would like to major in a soft science.  (She has been admitted to one school as a bio major.  I was surprised! that her math score didn't hurt.)  

For the more selective schools she will apply to, would taking the SAT 2 in math help her in admissions?  I think she can do better with that than with the reasoning test.

The ACT testing schedule is not going to work for us.

I know that this should have been figured out much earlier, but with her study abroad and a serious family crisis, things just got away from her.


Thank you for sharing your wisdom.


Lee in New England



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If your daughter has already applied, will the schools have time to get the score before they make a decision?  (Do the schools recommend SAT subject tests be taken?)  If yes, I'd suggest having your daughter take a practice test.  From that you will probably get an idea of what score she might obtain.  Then you have more data on which to base your decision.




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