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My 5th grade daughter is really keen on learning French and already watches a dvd from the library that is for learning (Bonjour Les Amis).  She even googled common French terms last night and made flash cards :D

Any recommendations for her?  We're not looking for a tough curriculum, but she does want to learn.  I previewed some pages of Getting Started With French, and I'm concerned that it might be too bland and void of culture and energy.  However, if you've used it and love it, please tell me why!



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Assimil's New French With Ease could be a good way to go. It isn't structured like a traditional western academic course, but all for the better. It is what I wish I had at that age. It should bring her to an A2 Level. The French Phonology course from FSI is really good and free, but perhaps difficult. 

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