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Pretend you are having a party at your house tomorrow night...

Janie Grace

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Would you hurry and decorate for Christmas? It's not a holiday party, it's a party for an event in a friend's life. There will be abut 50 people here and I have a good bit of cleaning to do. There will be kids, which makes me feel like every room has to be semi-presentable, because inevitably kids wander off and adults follow them.  :glare:


Part of me feels like I should at least do my holiday mantle. But if I do, I feel like the rest of the house might seem more obviously un-Christmasy. 


What do you say -- focus on cleaning/food or try to deck the halls a bit, too?

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No. I grew up with a policy of no xmas decorations until after Sinterklaas (St. Nicholas celebration), which is Dec. 5th, so definitely not yet. And, realistically, my xmas decorations are often kind of last minute (but I compensate by leaving them up quite a while after xmas, partially because xmas tree lights make for a nice nightlight).


ETA: last year I put the xmas tree up on the afternoon of xmas day. Normally I'm not *that* bad, but usually it is only a few days before xmas.

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