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I really enjoyed lambing season on my friends' farm when I used to work there. Lambs are so precious, so sweet. Occasionally a ewe would do so badly she had to be put down or have triplets and reject one. We would bring those home and raise them in the house. We would diaper them so they could be loose with us. The hard part was weaning them off the bottles and our spoiling so we could re-introduce them to the flock.

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You know, Fairfarmhand, while I am sorry that this turned out this way, I am happy that you posted about lambing. It brought back to me some sweet memories I had forgotten.  I used to be "On Staff" at a youth group, when I was in college.  One of the students took a shine to me (in a sweet way) and he lived on a farm.  Every year, after lambing, he would call and let me know that it had happened.  I'd go out and see the lambs...it was a wonderful time for me...something I would not have experienced as a City Girl (which I most definitely am) and it brought me a lot of happiness.  


One time when I went out to see a little white lamb, my friend gave a chuckle and said, "Watch this."  He put a teeny kitten in the lamb's pen--I mean teeny--and the lamb totally cowered in the corner.  It was hilarious--it was at least 50x as big as the kitten and still, it cowered.  My friend took the kitten out, but it was sort of a life lesson for me...sometimes I feel like that little lamb--cowering in the corner--AT A LITTLE KITTEN.  LOL.   


Anyway, thank you for bringing back the memories.  I'm sorry things didn't well this time, but I hope they will next time.  

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Well, in thinking about it, I'm okay.


It was sad.



But this is just the fourth lamb we've had here. Nevertheless, I recognized the malpresentation (complete breech), corrected it. Delivered the lamb, and it lived for a few minutes. I saved the ewe, which wouldn't have made it if I hadn't been around. If the lamb had been normal, I would have saved it. I knew what to do, and I did it quickly enough that in a normal fetus, I'd have saved it.


So that feels pretty good. Even if it didn't turn out well.


Actually, I am also glad the poor thing died so quickly, keeping us from having to put it out of its misery.


We're taking it to the ag center for autopsy tomorrow. Hopefully, it will let us know what happened and how we can prevent it in the future.


And this is really creepy/weird but the body of the lamb is in my fridge right now.





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