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No Thanksgiving for us :(


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I always have the Thanksgiving meal at my house for both sides of the family. This year we had to cancel.


Sunday my youngest came home early from college with a stomach bug. Tuesday my husband caught it. Wednesday I caught it. Thanksgiving day came and only my oldest daughter felt well, so she left to spend the day at her boyfriends house. Friday morning she woke up sick! (She warned him ahead of time and still got the invite so she went)


We literally spent 4 days puking, sleeping, and doing loads of laundry when ever anyone had enough energy to even move.


My 20 lb turkey went into the freezer - I guess I know what we are having for Christmas!



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That's a shame. At least you were in your own home. The first and only time I celebrated American Thanksgiving with dh's US cousins we drove 8 hours to be sick in dh's aunt's appartment for 4 days. I spent the entire time with our young dc and myself throwing up and trying to clean up. 

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