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My Grandma is dying and we are bird-sitting...


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Firstly, so sorry your family is going through this, I can not imagine how I will deal with it when my mother dies, the idea is unfathomable (she is super woman after all) letting go will be nearly impossible. Maybe your dad feels the same way and not having any choice is making letting go harder than it would be otherwise.



I am the owner of a much loved Parakeet and I don't think I'd replace the bird.  It seems like you could use the bird's death to give solace, sort of like the lifelong couples who die hours apart, the bird missed her/the stress of being without her killed it?  


If you do replace the bird may I suggest finding an older bird?  Otherwise they will be stuck for at least 10 years with the "longest living" parakeet. 

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So sorry.


As a former parakeet owner, I would advise you not to replace the bird.


2 was "just a bird" and didn't even have a name, but he was irreplaceable.


They would know.


You will know the right time to break the news. I don't. I'm only guessing that it might be face to face when they come home.


I am so sorry that this is happening to you.

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