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Trying this again (tech problem?)...keeping gmail private on cellphone...


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I posted my question yesterday and when I try to read any replies I might have, I get a message box that says I don't have permission to do this action...(but I know I can post because I have done so many times before!). So I can't even read my original post, then I get sent to the 'social groups' forums...


So here's my situation: I have to upgrade my cell phone and am switching from iphone to android for various reasons.  The question I have regardless of either type of phone is what is an easy solution to keeping my gmail private?  I see that anyone who has access to my phone (children...), if they wanted to, they could read my gmails and all of my files just by hitting my gmail icon. I have case sensitive material that doesn't need to be shared with anyone...I have searched the internet and it seems this is a common problem. Seriously?  Google has not made an easy solution to this one?  Does anyone have any easy ideas?  Thank you! 

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You could log out when you're done reading your email?


Old school, but... :D


This. I would also suggest only accessing it through the browser, then logging out. Don't sync your gmail account to your phone. I think there is a way to only import contacts and calendar without it drawing your email in.

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