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Who's going to tackle Sunday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good Morning...


Margaret safe travels to all your family! 


After a busy Thanksgiving Holiday....I'm back on track.  



repurpose leftovers and freeze what's left for later

quick tidy of the house

work on budget


enjoy the rainy day with my family


Have a good Sunday! 

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Good morning

- school work- psych quiz done (21/25), posted a response for statistics and psychology

- dishes- not enough for a load yet (will run after dinner)

- laundry- in dryer and washer

- tidy house- round 1 done

- prep for the week (I have orientation tomorrow and need to hard core study for exams, so trying to make everything easier on myself so I have more study time)- meal planned for the week and have the meat pulled for tomorrow because it needs to go in the crockpot in the morning

- dinner- done

- baths- done

- bedtime routine- done

- get ready for tomorrow- clothes are picked out, library books are packed along with pad folio thingy and pen, wallet, alarm set (I'm also taking dd1 to school and then going from her school to my school). Will pack kindle and phone in the morning since I charge them over night

- anything else I get done- helped dd1 build her knex houses

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Church w dh--he was lector at the 10

Relaxing late breakfast of coffee and the last of the pies w the girls :)


In process:

Three loads of laundry


To do:

Go shopping by myself for things dh and the girls commented on yesterday :D

Email high school team

Prep school week

Take dd20 back to campus

Take decorations down from attic w dh's help

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Mass - lovely, except an altar girl fainted - poor thing!

Advent wreath out

Advent calendar up

Christmas wreath from Boy Scouts sale at church now adorns front door.

donated bag of socks, etc to clothing drive

Took 16 yo to friend's house to work on debate/paper due Tuesday.


Still to do:

Make turkey shepherd's pie for dinner

p/u 16 yo

do lots of laundry

Finish writing my nanowrimo novel - I have less than 2,000 words left to write but I've totally run out of steam!!!!!

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