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Canadians - MIL needs a new smartphone and plan - help!


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My mil lives in Canada and hates her Bell Mobility phone and believes she is paying too much for what they provide.  It is a smartphone (Sony), but very difficult to use. 


She wants a new smartphone with a new carrier.  We live in the US, but I do not think there is a cheap option to call here (or is there?) 



occasional calling to chat with friends/family (in Canada) while sitting outside or calling the dr. to let them know she'll be late

texting - maybe, if she knew how

maps app - important for when she is driving

calendar - possibly be able to sync her Samsung tablet with her smartphone's calendar (but only if she gets a Samsung phone, I'd guess)


Any advice on carrier's and plans?








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Rogers has really reasonable plans for calling the US and abroad.  They also have a very easy billing system that has everything included.  For a phone, if she's already used to Android, I'd suggest a Samsung Galaxy.  If eyesight is an issue, they have a few models with larger screens that are quite nice. 


ETA: Rogers also has pretty good customer service and warranties.  So, if something goes wrong with the phone, they're pretty good about getting it fixed for you and they'll even give you a loaner phone while yours is being serviced. 



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