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Game people, I need help! Citadels or One Night Ultimate Werewolf?


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Every year I buy the family a new game to play on New Year's Day, and every year I agonize over the decision. You'd think it would eventually get easier, but it doesn't  :willy_nilly: There are just so many great games out there!


This year, I have it narrowed down to Citadels or One Night Ultimate Werewolf. They're roughly the same price. 


Someone needs to make this decision for me! Can anyone weigh in on which game we should choose? Here are a couple of factors in the decision:


  • Two adults, one DD13, one DD10
  • DD10 has a little bit of a short attention span, so gets restless when others' turns go too long, but can hang in there for a longer game.




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Yeah, now that I think about it, youngest DD really enjoyed One Night, but she played with a big group of kids at co-op. At home, it would be four at most, and possibly only three sometimes. I think I'm going to go with Citadels. I found it at our local B&N, and I have a gift card and a coupon to use, so that helps :D


Thanks for the feedback!

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Last year for Christmas I made family members a personal copy of werewolf. I took pictures of everyone and photoshopped them. For example I made Dh the werewolf card, so I photoshopped him to look like a werewolf. My brother was, "the village idiot". Eldest was the "minion" and youngest was, "the trouble maker". I then printed the out, lamintatd them, and glued them onto thick card stock.


Every family then got a box with the game in it. :)


The year before that I made a family version of, "love letter".


I must admit I'm not in the mood to make another family game this year.

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