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Fiestaware sale at Kohls and Macys for T-day/black friday


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Both have them for roughly half price.






Check the main page for both websites for 'extra off' codes



I can't speak for Kohls but I ordered from Macys on-line  in the past and every piece was extremely well wrapped.

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I need more luncheon plates, Kohls only has one color, sunflower.  Def. not our color.  





With the extra 15% off and the $15 for every $50 spent, that would have been a very nice deal.

Check Macys.  Their price was lower on the items I ordered with the extra 10% with "Thanks" code.

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I was pricing fiestaware last week and the "regular" prices at Kohls do not match the listings from last week. Hmmm...

Kohl's is notorious for that.  They raise and lower prices on whims to make their sales look better.  You can't really compare %off sale prices because they change the retail prices whenever they want.  One day it can be $40 regular price, then the next it is 'on sale for' Buy One Get One Half Off, of  $50 each. You have to look at the final price to compare day to day prices.


No matter what, this is a good sale price for Fiestaware.



Also watch out for when the 'spend x amount, get a coupon for $x for certain dates in the future'.  Their sales dramatically reduce during the time the coupon is good for. 

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