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for those in the know - le crueset vs corning?


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I have wanted to get the costco dutch oven (made in france.  wonder who could have made it?)


anyway - dh has pointed out we have some very large corning ware that he uses, and why would I want the costco cast iron one?


so - for those who have used both - what is the difference in how they cook? (size isn't an issue.)



(I'm now getting as "my" gift what I had originally planned on getting him -long story.  so, now I'm getting him the 2 vol set of the art of french cooking (his ears literally perked up when I mentioned it the other night), and I thought a very nice piece of cookware to go with it  . . . this seems to be the christmas for cookware.)



so, what wonderous things can you do with cast iron - that won't happen with corning ware?


(I am replacing pots & pans with all-clad d5. wow - there is huge difference in performance!  so, I know a pot is a pot is a pot is a lie.)

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OK, I think I can help with this, now that I know that Cware is glass.


I have an Emille Henri ceramic baking dish and a LC Dutch oven.  (French. Whatever.)


I can use the EH on the stove, in the fridge, in the oven.  But I can't brown in it, it heats only where the heat is applied (on the bottom) and it won't retain temperature (cold OR hot).  I *can* use it in the microwave.  

I can use the LC on the stove, in the fridge, in the oven.  I can use extremely high or low temperatures and the heat is retained both on the bottom and the sides of the pot.  I get even heat throughout the pot, and I can put things on a low simmer and control the heat.  I cannot use it in the microwave.


I had the EH before the LC, and used it a lot.  I haven't used it once since I got the LC.  


One thing a Dutch oven lets me do is one-pot cooking.  I brown the meat.  I take out the meat and use the juices/carmelized juices to saute the onions, garlic and so on for a miripoix.  SUPER flavorful.  I put the meat back in with the veggies that needed less time to cook, and they absorb the meat juices/miripoix.  So rich, and ONE POT.  I use this all the time.  I also can leave it on a low temperature on the stove or in the oven.  I think i have used my crock pot about 3 times since I got the LC.  I just don't need it anymore.  


That's the summary for me.  


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The enameled cast iron goes stovetop to oven. Corningware casserole dish is only for baking. It cannot be used on the stove. Shatter. Glass. Shards. Everywhere.


I make soups and stews in the Dutch oven. Also useful for anything you want to first brown that will wind up being braised, such as a pot roast (chicken or pork too!). You can bake awesome bread in it as well. Oven risotto. I use it for lots of things! I don't have Corningware. My parents do, so I grew up using it. Corningware can go in the fridge or microwave. I would not refrigerate in the cast iron. It holds heat too long. Obviously not microwave safe. You do need to hand wash the enameled cast iron, but usually it's super easy to scrub up.

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not a dutch oven per se - but a very large roasting type casserole.


I am thinking along the lines of Patty Joanna. A dutch oven is a cooking implement that can go into the oven or on the stove top. The cast iron part has certain properties that are hard to duplicate in other pots. Slow, even heating, braising and browning of meat and retaining of moisture.

If you have a chance to get a good Dutch oven (glazed or not) and you do not have one yet, I'd jump on it.

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