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For my fellow planner addicts. You're welcome.


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Oh dear! That is really cool! If I hadn't spent 100+ hours making my own planner for myself and to sell I might be tempted ;) Actually, the only problem I see with that one is the lack of design....I'm a sucker for a pretty planner! 


Also, I'm a firm GTD person in thinking my calendar has to be reliable....meaning it should never have long to-do lists or extra notes because then it's not telling me what's actually happening in a day, it's telling me what I *wanted* to happen when I filled it in yesterday. And what I want to happen rarely ever actually happens, lol! So I'll stick with my regular hourly custom Catholic planner and my bullet journal for to-do lists and project planning :) But I love that idea, it is really a neat idea and well past time for it to be offered!

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The only complaint i have is I don't see any tabs, for quickly turning to the different months, etc. 


You can pick a metal tabby, wrap around elastic, or perforated corners (or any combination of the three.  I got the elastic and corners.)  Probably not much help if you want EVERY month tabbed, but the corner thing might help.

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