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Question about blood sugar test


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Some sugar will hit the blood stream right away, but the peak in sugar spike is usually one hour. In two hours the sugar should return to normal. I don't know how they test for hypoglycemia, but I would guess they would have the kid drink a sugary substance and test the body's response every hour. Did they not give you guidelines?

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yes - it will affect results.  were you told this was a fasting test?  he shouldn't have eaten anything for 12 hours beforehand.  (they'll usually say "after midnight".)


when you eat - your blood sugar level goes up proportional to the sugar content of the food, while it is digested.  so, his results are going to be inaccurate.


even when doing the glucose tolerance test - they give you very specific glucose drinks taken at specific intervals to determine tolerance.  (and if you eat anything - the results are thrown out, and the test has to be redone.)


I have sympathy - I have to do fasting blood work about every 10 weeks, and today was the day.  dr's 'nurse' is really bad at draws, and after two failed attempts, I ended up at a lab with their phlebotomist.  it was 1:30pm and I hadn't eating since dinner last night.  I was very hungry.

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The test I was given to diagnosis my hypoglycemia is called a Glucose Tolerance Test, different than the Oral Glucose Tolerance Test given to test Diabetes 2, and it requires 4-6 hours of fasting. My doctor insisted on this test and informed me that it is the only definitive test for that condition. Here's more info about it from The Hypoglycemia Support Foundation - http://hypoglycemia.org/what-is-the-glucose-tolerance-test/.


I do have hypoglycemia, but not diabetes, and would be happy to help in any way if your son is diagnosed with this condition.

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