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My dd8 is struggling with MIF 3. She needs more review. I am tempted to switch her to CLE but looking at the placement test, we would need to start her in the middle of CLE 200. In our state we have mandatory testing each spring and so I'm concerned about "putting her back."


We switched to CLE LA 200 this summer and she is doing great with the review. She'll only be halfway through LA 300 when she tests, but that is better than where she would be with math if we switch her now.


The other thought is to have her do MM as review...


Why is this so hard?!? My husband doesn't want to switch her to CLE because he is worried about my stress level with the state testing but I feel like in the long term it might be the best choice. What would you do?

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Also, the reason we would need to go back to the 200s is that the sequence is totally different. CLE focuses much more on geometry and measurement while MIF focuses on multiplication and division.

Are you in a common core state? If so, and if you have to do state testing, you want your curriculum to align with the cc sequence. I agree that would be stressful to be teaching one thing and testing something different.
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I've done CLE K-algebra, and it's solid. I love it.


Our local school is a charter school, and so I can put the kids in for as many or as little subjects as I want. DD is now in 6th and hs'ing full time, but was in school the last couple years. I never put her in public school math, she has always done CLE.


Because of when we started, and some illness, she's always been about a half year "behind". Meaning, when she started 6th grade, she was still finishing up a couple 500 math units. I think we're finally caught up.


She did Badger and WKCE testing, and I can tell you she has consistently tested above level. She is MILES ahead of the kids doing public school math here.


I highly encourage you to make the switch. Lessons at the age your child is at are bite-sized, and you can catch up quick if you do 6-7 days a week. Absolutely invest in the flash cards and do the drills every day. I cannot tell you how easy it was for my

daughter to learn her facts and how much that is helping her now.


I would not worry about the testing. It's going to be a heck of a lot easier to make the switch now than to wait. I don't think you'd regret it!


ETA: the first and last light units are review. I've seen families skip using them all together, and just use the _02-_09 light units. Personally, we skipped most of 510, skipped 601 and went straight into 602. For starting out, I would do a review one, but after you get going, you can skip the first ones of the series. :)

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We have used CLE and love it. DS11 was starting level 500 late this summer, and then he enrolled in a private school that uses a Common Core aligned curriculum. So far they have not gotten to anything new; everything has been review for him, except for a few new methods for solving problems and the need to "explain your answer in words". The difficulty for him is that the school's math curriculum does not have enough regular review of previously taught concepts, and he forgets unless he practices continually. CLE is excellent for addressing that particular learning problem.


I don't know how well CLE will align with the annual standardized testing that you have to do, but honestly, I wouldn't worry about it too much. Has your child scored well on the tests in the past? Who sees the test scores, and what score do the students have to achieve in order to be considered doing well? Who decides this? (You don't have to answer these questions, they are just to ponder.) In my state, we can do standardized testing as one option, and then we submit the scores to the school, but students must only be at or above the 25th percentile. So even if the student misses a few because they were not taught the Common Core way, they should still do well enough to pass that benchmark, even using CLE half a level down (barring any learning disabilities).


Basically, I would focus more on choosing a good curriculum for your child and worry less about the testing. The testing is just to make sure that she is on track, and we have found CLE to be very effective. My children DO have some learning disabilities, and it still works for us.

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