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Who's going to tackle Tuesday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good Morning....


The big kids are in SC visiting their sister...they left yesterday morning and will be home late tonight.  I've spent that time deep cleaning the house.   I haven't had the time to do everything at one time and it feels so good that everything will be put away, super clean, ironed, washed and done!  


Waiting to see how father-in-law  does with a  procedure today...they are suppose to come on Thursday for Thanksgiving, but if he doesn't feel up to it...it will be just our family.  


So, today I'll finish everything on the list and clean the hardwood floors.   I think I'm starting to like carpet again! 


Have a great day! 

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Good morning
- dishes- in dishwasher
- laundry- in dryer
- tidy house- bathroom cleaned, living room and kitchen tidied
- school work- psych post done, did 2 of 4 statistics assignments (actually did 3 but I'm going to retake the chapter quiz for a higher grade later in the week after I read the chapter better)
- get dd1 off bus- done
- help dd1 with any school work- will work on spelling words later- done
- dinner- done
- go to store at some point- don't need to today but must go tomorrow
- baths- done
- bedtime routine- done
- anything else I get done- wrapped the last of dd1's birthday gifts (and no I don't care that some of them are in Christmas paper, I'm too lazy and cheap to go buy more birthday paper, besides only one of her party gifts are wrapped in Christmas paper, the others are for her to open on her actual birthday (Thanksgiving day)), gathered up class treats for tomorrow (I really don't want to go to the store and I have enough granola bars so that's what they are getting) never mind, dh bought cupcakes for her class, got trash can from road

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Gonna skip TKD today.  Just too much going on.  Hopefully we'll go to extra classes after Thanksgiving.


I got some good work out.  Survived a conference call.  Took a nap.  Kids didn't bring home a ton of work, so they will finish it all today (I think).


Now I have less than 1 day to do a crapload of work, or my "vacation" will be miserable.

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