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Some other idea for spelling...

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So, Apples and Pears has been so good for my (probably dyslexic) dd.  SHe is halfway through the 3rd book and it has definitely helped.


But..we just hate it.  We just are so tired of it, and we are both dragging...having such trouble being consistent...in fact lately, it just puts our whole day into a downward spiral as we are both just so. over. it.


So, I don't want to give it up permenently, but I'm hoping to find something for her to work on for a few months through the holidays...something somewhat cheerful, self teaching...anything...anything...



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I have three kids and three spelling programs right now.


Oldest is driven and a natural speller. He uses Phonetic Zoo B (which is available as a digital download now). Kid listens and spells with CD, self-corrects with CD, studies, and repeats every day until kid gets 100% two days in a row. It teaches a bit of phonics.


Second hated phonics ("I can figure this stuff out!") but likes Sequential Spelling which gives words in lists for child to figure out own patterns. She likes it, sees her own patterns, and is happy (and spelling better).


Third tends to reversals and is using Apples and Pears. We aren't far enough along to give a review.


I think PZ is the easiest to implement. Some people have complained about one of the men's voices, but my son never has (and I wouldn't even think it was a problem if I hadn't heard that). SS has a DVD, I think, which we don't use, but maybe it would be self-teaching-ish if you had that. It is the most different from other programs. Even teaching it only takes 10 minutes a day. The student work books include ways to practice the words (things like write sentences, do a word search, unscramble, etc). I think SS might be a good fit if you are burned out on normal spelling but don't want to take a break,


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