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Cool Autism/Asperger's Video


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I like this video.  It is about a woman making a film about her grandmother and her aunt.


Her aunt grew up in the 1950s with --- probably -- what we would call autism now.  She is diagnosed with intellectual disability.  It looks like autism to me.  Her aunt and grandmother have lived together.  


Then her son is diagnosed with Aspergers, too.


It is a sweet and positive one for sure.  

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I'm not trying to ignore your thread or be impolite or anything, but I'm having a hard time figuring out why this was cool.  I think I just got sidetracked looking at fingers and fidgets and counting instances of eye contact.  So this is cool or charming because?


If you put 100 people with spectrum in room, one by one, and video taped (or went to 100 people's homes and videoed) would they all be radically different?  Like with the ID/ASD lady, they show some oppositional behavior, lack of eye contact, etc.  With the young boy, they never show any of that.  Him they portray as adorably geeky and quirky, accepted and adored by siblings.  No hiding under tables, none of the bad moments.  So has all the bad part been eradicated because of the fabulous school system interventions?  (slight snark, sorry)  Or do people's mixes vary?  Or it's ok to portray the ugly of the ID/ASD individual but not the younger, clearly higher IQ individual?  


And then, of course, there's the problem that I'm sitting here wondering why MY ds isn't merely quirky and cute instead of also hiding and hitting and this and that...  So for me it's more conflicting and confusing than charming.  Not trying to rain on your parade or anything, just saying I don't know what to do with it.  He's cute, frost him and eat him.  The grandma is a saint, but I spent the whole time hurting over that dowager's hump, oh my.  So you see my problem.  The moral of the video for me is *take care of your body and don't be a martyr* or you're going to end up hunched over like Mimi! 

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