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Scam or Not Scam?

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Ds took the ACT earlier this year, as well as the PSAT in October.  He is in 11th grade, so we had him fill out the "extra" stuff on those tests for information about colleges, what his interests are, etc.  As such, we have been getting a lot of things because of that information.  He recently received a packet from the "National Student Leadership Conference."  I have never heard of this before.  It appears to be some kind of camp-type thing for engineers.  They said he was "chosen" to represent "Home School Clearing House" at the 2016 conference.  Thing is-I don't know what the "Home School Clearing House" is!  The "camp" is at a very good college that is relatively close (UC Berkeley).  He is very interested in engineering and did get a pretty good score on the ACT (33).  So, is this a scam?  Has anyone ever heard of this before?  I was thinking of calling up UCB to see if it is for real.  I could also call the place that sent this packet (as they have a number on it),  but I wasn't sure if I would be able to tell if it was a scam or not.


Any suggestions?


Hot Lava Mama

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These are generally not the "honor" that they seem and cost a lot of money. My ds received several of these so called honors, and all but one required lots of money to paticioate. The one that was legitimate was geared more towards a liberal arts major, and he was not interested. You can google the name of the institution and find out what others have to say and how much the camp will cost.

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There are some threads on College Confidential about this. Google the name of the group & "scam" and follow the links.

Looks like it could be really fun & rewarding, but it is really pricey. Many people point out that it isn't a resume/transcript booster.

Apparently, there are some scholarships available for some of the programs.

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NSLC: Not a scam per se but more like Who's Who. If you have to say it... Or pay to be in it, it says less about achievement and more about a desire to be recognized. That said I actually went to one in high school, not realizing that it wasn't that meaningful, and had fun. It wasn't far from home and didn't cost a lot, but I would advise my kids to spend their money and time on more focused activities.

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Semi-scam. It is not that they take your money and disappear. It is that they give you a trip that does not even come close to meeting its promises. Like you go to DC for the innaugration and then watch it on tv in your hotel (or hostel) room.



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