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DD and I are preparing for her Team MLP S.N.A.K.E. Meeting, which is also doubling as her birthday party. (very low key-basically, we're having Cookies and a craft after the meeting, DD is opening presents, and then we're going to a trampoline place for an hour), and I commented that this will be her 6th animal/reptile themed party in a row.


Her response


"Mom, my other interests are old computer operating systems, a website that was popular before I was born, and number theory. Snakes and frogs are the most NORMAL thing about me!"


Kid has a point...

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Neopets.com. It has a lot of places for users to enter writing and art, and she loves customizing her web pages for her pets and user lookup (I faxed in a form so she could access the customization options). No one her age has ever heard of it, but their moms all say "Oh, I had an account in college (or high school, or middle school...)"

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I hate to admit that the reason I had an account was that my STUDENTS were playing it. When DD got really focused on having a pet snake, I made her an account and turned her loose so she could have a virtual snake. She was 3. I never expected she'd still be playing, but she's found it a pretty good place to be, especially once I gave into pressure and signed the parental consent form, so now she can chat about web programming and art with the other folks there-many of whom seem to be adults who got accounts a decade ago after finding a stuffed neopet in their Happy Meal!

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