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If you could add one subject to your homeschool that you don't do now what would it be? 


**Of course assuming this hypothetical subject would add no additional planning and would require no additional time in your day.**



Focused study on




Artistis and their works/Art History

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A proper art course. The best I can manage right now is drawing being a required subject, and trying to informally encourage artistic expression wherever possible, but I wish dearly I had the time, energy and ability to do a full, twice a week art course teaching mediums, techniques, and styles.


As it is, I've tried and failed repeatedly, and decided the energy is best spent elsewhere (such as trying really, really hard to incoporate a once-a-week sensory activity). I do have hopes of giving them an independent art course during middle school though. 

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This year we squeezed in Music Theory, and recently we added Skating back into the schedule. We'll swap out swimming for skiing after Christmas.


It's just getting tougher and tougher to add in more subjects when their current work takes more time as they get older. I guess this is normal, as high school students have to choose what courses to keep and what to drop. You can't always fit everything in every year.   

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We recently added "project time", which I'm hoping to be a catch-all. 30 minutes per day of whatever the current interest is. So far, we've used it for preparing for a history fair project and writing for NaNoWriMo. Next up DD wants to use that slot to learn about chemistry. Future plans for that time slot include robotics, earning badges on DIY.org, and learning to use a weaving loom.

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