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Is Coursera "dual enrollment?"

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I don't think I would.


Dual enrollment at public and private schools requires a formal connection to an accredited college or university with certain content and procedural requirements. The accrediting groups review this when they review the colleges themselves, or the classes in high school can't be called dual enrollment.


Just because a professor teaches it doesn't accomplish that. I'm a professor and also teach at a private school, and my courses there aren't dual enrollment because there's no link made despite my personal credentials.

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My dc's have done alot of Coursera. We aren't calling it DE. Some are going on the transcript with the description....many have more than one section especially in the computer ones. My son completed all three parts of bioinformatics with certificates, many many hours of work. Also for some like the economics we did a Clep exam later for college credits.


Someplace in my research I found a recommendation that completion a 3 credit university course is worth 6 credits on a high school transcript. Therefore a one semester Calculus class at a university is actually a full high school year etc. Just something to ponder as you work on the transcript.....

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