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Anyone else doing the NCEE this year?


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This looks cool. Thanks for sharing it. At what age did your DD start taking this exam? Do you guys do the other exams they offer as well? Sacha hasn't had any Greek roots yet, but I expect that MCT will take care of that over the next couple of years. What prep do you do?

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DD started in 4th, when we found the exam. They had no trouble with her taking it as "8th grade, some Latin or Greek". The first year, the only prep she did was the practice on the website. She ended up scoring a bronze. Last year, she did the Athena's etymology class, which isn't at all connected to the exam (the instructor didn't know it existed until I e-mailed her, and she's an English teacher, so she's not focusing on what the Latin or Greek word that is now used in altered form in English originally meant), and got silver.


She's hoping for Gold this year.


We haven't done the civilizations exam yet. DD tried the NLVE last year and discovered that knowing what the words meant wasn't enough-they wanted the specific labels. DD, having mostly done Cambridge Latin by reading, didn't know that stuff, so the test was a frustrating experience. It did, however, convince her that she needed to learn that stuff to know Latin, so she's doing Latin Prep along with CLC 4 this year.


We've done the NME each year since third, and did the ELE in 3rd and 4th. I think she's getting bored with the NME, so this year she plans to do the Iliad and the Odyssey subtests (the Iliad subtest took her from Gold to Bronze in 3rd), and after that, I suspect she'll be done-which is kind of too bad, since then I'll have no excuse to keep Mythology/Classics club going.

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This is such an informative thread. Would you mind giving me the names of the websites to read up on the tests. I had compiled a list of tests for my 5th grader to take this year but unfortunately, never managed to follow through. I would be more than happy to post those if anyone is interested.




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