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High school Biology with clear explanations

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Secular, high school, not AP.  


I have Apologia and Shepherd Science.  I want to have something else on hand.  Maybe a quality geared toward high school biology (if that exists) or a well written college text.  At this point this will be mainly for my reference, but I am leaving the option of my student using it if I like it better.  




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What about the Campbell Reece or Miller Levine text listed in a sticky at the top of the high school board?  Both texts, IMO, are excellent secular sources for high school level biology.  But if it's thorough explanations you are looking for, you might actually have better luck with the AP versions of Campbell or Starr because the detail usually gives a better picture of what is actually going on in a biological process.

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Thanks for the titles.  I was hoping our college library curriculum center would have one of them, but no luck.  If I think of an intelligent question to ask you both to help me narrow it down before I order something, then I will post again.   I'm too sleepy now for intelligent questions!



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